There are many ways in which you can get support if you are in the process of changing your career.You may consider taking a career personality test to investigate which is the best choice for you. Career personality tests are often found on line but they only give you a very brief idea of the sorts of job or career you could take up. Every occupation can be said to have a job personality, or a career personality if you take a  career test, like a free career aptitude test, or a career personality quiz, you might be able to choose a new career but this would not be as good as working with a coach to understand your values and beliefs which guide your choices in choosing your work. This is where a career coach such as will be able to work with you using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques to find your true career aptitude.

This is much better than any simple career quiz, career aptitude test, career personality, careers test, career assessment test, career inventory, career personality test, career quizzes, job aptitude test, online career testing, – all of these are useless as they simply try to put you into a box with a label on and limit your choices to your current frame of mind which might not be the best to base a career choice on.  If you are thinking of another career and are not sure what options will be open to you then just taking a career psychometrics test will not help you.You need to look at your position in your life right now, where you want to be in Five years time, Two years time, One year time and so on. But the most important thing you need to do is be clear about your values and beliefs as the basis for making such a fundamental change in your life.Looking for a career change or at a career crossroads?

The world of work and careers is changing rapidly.  Statistics show that on an average a person will have between 10 – 14 different jobs over their lifetime and around 3- 4 career changes will be involved.  There may be many reasons why you are contemplating a career change or wishing to explore your options. These could include:    ·    Wanting to follow an area of personal interest    ·    Find jobs that are hard to find in your current field    ·    Looking for a more rewarding role    ·    Looking for more personal expression and challenge    ·    Need a role that is in line with your values and beliefs.How can working with helpIt does not matter if you are looking for a radical career change or a more subtle change in direction, it is essential to make sure that your move is carefully thought through. If you don’t do this, there is a danger that you will carry any existing dissatisfaction into your next role. Working with a career coach will help you explore your career options and ideas thoroughly, helping you make informed decisions.

Working with a coach will help you to:    ·    Assess your career potential    ·    Focus and clarify and your values and priorities    ·    Support you in reviewing your career options and work with     you to generate ideas    ·    Reality-test options to make sure the plans are realistic and in line with other aspects of your life.    ·    Make an considered authentic decision    ·    Devise a practical action plan to achieve the transition into your new role/or self-employmentYour coach will    ·    Work on a one to one basis throughout your career transition    ·    Elicit your values and allow you to reconsider these    ·    Elicit your beliefs and allow you to change these to be more supportive of your new goals    ·    Be supported by a client resources manager for all of your information needsCoaches like Andy Lee at  have helped hundreds of clients to make a successful career change.

This includes clients who have achieved a radical career re-invention as well as those who have chosen to focus on a new area within their current occupational field.  Some examples of real changes include:    ·    IT manager who became a charity event-manager    ·    Lawyer who became a learning consultant    ·    Environmental consultant who went into accountancy    ·    Business analyst who set up a niche handicraft business    ·    Retail manager who went into HR    ·    Operations Director who set up a franchise business    ·    Managing Director who went into consultancySome of the questions you need to consider when looking for a career which is a better fit for you.    ·    How did you get your last job?    ·    Through a personal contact    ·    By applying to an advertised job    ·    Internally at workMore importantly how did you choose your current career?Where did you get the values that made it important to you when you chose it?And now the biggest question  -how relevant are those values to you right now?

If you decide to work with a life coach you will find that life coaching addresses more than just changing your career – you can get confidence coaching in all sorts of areas. Most coaches work face to face but a few use, telephone coaching to check on your progress and offer support.There are many reasons why people decide to change their careers including a mid life crisis, emotional changes, relationship breakup, divorce, separation, redundancy and job loss. Any of these can leave you in a situation where you feel lost and fitting less and less well into your current life and career.For some it is business advice, they seek out – their solutions may be to start a business. Such a business start up, developing a completely new business, is at the same time daunting and exhilarating. Working with a coach will enable you develop new essential skills quickly and easily.If you find yourself at a point where you need to re-evaluate your life and or career for whatever reason, then you might think that this is a difficult time for you when another way of looking at such situations as job loss and separation is to re-frame these as opportunities for a new you. This is where working with a coach can help you to make the most of any position you find yourself in.